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Pay today $1000

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The Ultimate Website Transformation Toolkit to decrease friction and optimize web layout to Triple your monthly conversions.
($740 value)

  • Individual website audit where I pinpoint areas that are hindering your customer’s  positive site experience which prevent add to carts and sales.

  • Training on designing the best website layout for optimization

  • Where to find highly skilled web & logo designers that won’t break the bank.

  • How I quickly & easily utilize 1 hour to plan a whole month's website design rotation schedule.  


The Best website apps to catapult conversions & drive up average cart value ($300 value)

  • Game changing list of free apps I easily stall on all my websites to aid in surpassing weekly sales goals


SEO Deep Dive - Structuring product titles & descriptions and crafting valuable blog posts to ramp up website traffic.
($350 value)

  • Guide on SEO’s role in generating traffic and how it targets your ideal customer.

  • Easy and affordable hack I use to get professional website titles and product descriptions that entice potential customers

  • Write 1 year of great blog posts in 1 week, even if you have no time or skills in writing. 

  • Effortless blog post topic generator hack

  • SEO maintenance plan


Brand awareness accelerator for PR buzz all over the internet - boost traffic in 14 days.
($3800 value - the actual average monthly cost to hire a pr team - yikesss!)

  • Workshop: Generate Free PR for your business 

  • How I draft quick and easy promotion proposal pitches to several outlets and how to build a promo list.

  • Training: professional press release write up at an affordable price

  • Guide: Best platforms to pitch your business and products


My organized system for setting daily, weekly and monthly sales & traffic goals so you always know which marketing efforts are working and the ones to restructure and scale.
($280 value)

  • Pre-made templates to log stats and results

  • Compare, optimize & scale marketing tactics guide


Website & Social Media Creatives That Convert. Easily arrange a stunning photoshoot with free models like major retail brands for 1/10th the cost.
($1000 value)

  • My process to scout and hire affordable professional photographers

  • Free models recruiting system for a dynamic photoshoot 

  • Guide on gaining access to professional photography studios and equipment that will save you hundreds of dollars

  • My easy system to repurpose professional pictures for social media, website & ads usage

  • Training: create low cost/free attention grabbing website banners

  • Step-by-step instructions to create high performing social posts and ad creatives


Money Making Email Marketing Plan that will save you several hours per month and take less time than your current marketing efforts.
($700 value - for brands, an average of 20-30% of sales revenue comes from email marketing - you’re leaving hundreds of $$$ on the table)

  • The simple system I implement to create a month’s worth of email campaigns in 1 hour

  • Tutorial: email flow automation setup. Set it and forget it! 

  • Best days and times to send email campaigns and how to determine your email contacts’ behaviors.  

  • List of free tools to quickly & easily design email campaigns


Leveraging social media when you don’t have the time, skill or patience to post. User generated content is king to fast track email list growth and explode sales. ($1499 value for the money of the average monthly cost of social media managers - and getting 200 hours per year back to focus on product/service development)

  • 30 day content calendar template for quick and easy post planning

  • Best posting times for IG & FB training

  • Simple hack to generate 365 days worth of high performing hashtags and engaging captions 

  • Curating a strong influencer marketing list instructions

  • Make your content go viral step by step guide

  • Easy & enjoyable way to make IG reels/tik toks for your social media pages, anyone can do it (especially busy moms!)

  • My formula for creating and editing content for the month in 2 just hours.

  • Research the market and your competitors for social media content ideas training.


Create captivating click worthy ads in 10 mins. How anyone can create FB & IG ads even if they have zero experience.
($1650 value)

  • Training: quick & simple $10 a day ads setup

  • Cheat code to pinpoint your ideal customers. See your competitors' target audience and utilize that info.

  • Step-by-step guide to create scroll stopping viral ad campaigns to rake in the traffic

  • Research, plan & test monthly ads campaigns instructions