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In 2015 I launched my loungewear brand, Nkeoma By Ivy & Livy, and built it from the ground to a 6-figure brand. While still working my 9-5 job as a pharmacist, I was able to learn the ins and outs of sourcing materials, finding manufacturers and creating a brand identity. My passion for business creation blossomed and I went on to launch other lucrative businesses for myself, family & friends. Soon enough, many more people started asking for my help in creating and launching a business for them and now I am here with Hustle & Glow! An academy where I will walk you through the process to create and launch your business. I will teach you everything I know and learnt and set you up for success to create a sustainable source of income for yourself. With me you will unlearn society's negative view on money and start to see how generating more income leads to the life you imagined and deserve. Let's do this!

Launch Your Own Business
  • 1-on-1 guidance from 0 - launch

  • We will find materials, vendors and manufacturers for your brand.

  • Create brand identity

  • Create website, logo, brand colors, etc

  • Direct you on how to hire staff

  • Teach you the business mindset, time management and organizational skills

  • Research and define your target buyer

  • Social media set up and marketing

  • THE WHOLE 9!

Checking Inventory
Grow Your Instagram

Are you an aspiring blogger with less than 10k followers on Instagram? If you are struggling to increase your following and want to start generating income as an influencer this program is just for you!

  • 1-on-1 8 week guidance to increase your following

  • Learn the algorithm and make it work for you

  • How to create income, get sponsorships & free product

  • Hashtag research 

  • Photography, picture editing and aesthetics

  • Creating a personal brand

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Are you ready to step into the life you've always imagined for yourself?

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