Free business registration & set up

Ok, so here is where you will register your business, get your EIN# and learn how to structure your business for saving thousands on your taxes.

You can make more by SAVING more in taxes by utilizing business deductions by setting up a business entity for your business. 

This is often overlooked but setting up a business entity is one of the FIRST things you need to do as a business owner. 

Setting up your correct business structure will help you in a lot of ways. 

  1. It will allow you to pay A LOT less in taxes… Even if you’re just getting started. I am talking THOUSANDS less in taxes every year regardless if you have made money with your business yet.

  2. Protect you from liability associated with your business 

  3. And can help you open doors to business funding and business credit to fund your business & marketing budget. 

So to help you out with this, I want to introduce you to my team at Prime Corporate Services. They are experts in helping everyone in Hustle & Glow get structured the right way. 

My US and Canadian members get a complimentary Business Assessment with one of their experts to go over your specific situation and they will register your business for you as well.

They will go over your situation and take care of all the complex nuances of setting up a business and make sure you are structured the right way! The only fee you pay is your state's issued filing fee; each state is different.

With the correct business structure, you can write off over 250 different deductions, You can potentially save THOUSANDS even if you’re just starting out. 

You can even write off your investment with me at Hustle & Glow! 

Remember, it’s not what you make it’s what you keep. 

Schedule your call, set up your business. This is a ONE Time call so make sure you schedule a time that will work for you and you don’t miss it! Get set up the right way so we can get your website and social media page names secured.

 Remember, by not having an entity, your business is not actually structured properly, so you are effectively overpaying in taxes. Plain and simple. So let’s get you keeping more of your money by scheduling your appointment! 

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