Nigerian-American Beauty Blogger, Ify Yvonne, serves as an inspiration for young women and men; especially those of color and African descent. Ify Yvonne is a wife, pharmacist & entrepreneur. Graduated from Duquesne University in 2012 at the age of 24 with a Doctorate degree in Pharmacy, Ify has taken her passion from being a liaison between medical doctors and their patients to a social media personality!


As a first-generation Nigerian in America, Ify has strongly held on to her cultural roots and continues to use them as a tool to guide her in life. Growing up in a Nigerian household within the American society, Ify has struggled with balancing Nigerian rules and morals with American culture. Nonetheless, Ify views those "struggles" as a foundation for who she has become today.


After being crowned Miss Africa of Southwest Pennsylvania in 2011, Ify stumbled upon the blogging world with her sister and friends that really kicked off her social media presence. Then in 2014, Ify branched off on her own and continued to grow her audience of more than 82k subscribers and over 10.5m video views.


Since she was a young girl, Ify has always been drawn to being a helpful hand and guiding front for young girls in life's hurdles. During Ify's college years she joined a campus organization, Strong Women, Strong Girls, that mentored inner city Pittsburgh youth in 4th & 5th grades. She taught them about strong women throughout history and how to be strong girls in times of adversity. Ify's mission is to exemplify mastering the strength that women possess and utilizing your mind and the resources around you to succeed in your endeavors and to live the life you've always imagined. Who says you can only stay in one lane?


Aside from her professional pharmacy career, Ify has ventured into creating her own clothing line, Nkeoma By Ivy & Livy. Her goal with this business is to celebrate the rich and vibrant culture of Africans through fashion.


For Ify, this is only the beginning; she hopes for growth in her projects and a continuance in being a motivation and inspiration to people all over the world!

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