You asked, I listened....

This month's Hustle Hacks Hour left a lot of you ladies recharged

and ready to implement all the business marketing gems I shared.


We only had a limited time, but I made sure to answer your important questions pertaining to your individual businesses. After I shared the replay I had a good number of ladies wanting to benefit from the 2hr consult or the business marketing bootcamp. However, the investment of $1000-2000 was not feasible at this time,

but you REALLY need help and want to see your traffic & sales increase and also to gain clarity in areas you are struggling with in your business.


So I decided to put together a 3hr session for those that want to take advantage of this opportunity. It will be this

Friday, April 22nd at 8pm EST and I am ALLLLL yours.

This will be a very small group I will open seats up for; Just 4 seats!


Click the link below to register and I will see you Friday!

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Nneoma Hustle & Glow Feedback

Nneoma Hustle & Glow Feedback

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